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The original organisation was set up by Sue Amphlett in 1985 and disbanded in 2000. Unfortunately this was due to the fact that sources of funding to keep the organisation alive had been withdrawn.
However, to keep the hopes alive Alison Stevens who was part of the original group was still active in Leicestershire. She was later joined by Chris Smith in Essex and Trevor Jones in Islington, London


The group had dealt with nearly 13000 cases over its history. Therefore, it seemed a shame that this organisation had to die when there are so many parents and carers who are caught in the web and do not have anybody to turn to and help with their case. The group is here to campaign, lobby, give advice and support to parents and carers who feel they have been wrongly accused of child abuse, make parents aware of their legal rights, assist them in getting lawyers and help them recover after being pulled through a system which often leaves them feeling abused themselves.

"Doctors opinions are merely that – opinions. Rarely can a doctor prove his diagnosis with definitive pathological tests. There may be many causes for particular signs and symptoms. But, once a Doctor has made a diagnosis of non-accidental injury, other possible underlying causes are no longer investigated, such as birth trauma or congenital defects."
Sue Amphlett founder of PAIN (Parents Against Injustice)

At PAIN we believe that child abuse is the most heinous of crimes but know that mistakes do happen and that children have the right to live with their parents as stated in the Children Act 1989.

Every child has the right to have the freedom to live with the people that love them most.

We are also looking for volunteers who can help with this just cause and to fight for children’s and parents rights. If you have any issues relating to this or your own case then please contact: 

Please note there is a huge difference between the family panel registered solicitor and the childrens panel, for example the "Guardian ad litum" can only be represented by a solicitor who is a member of the childrens panel. One of the key issues is finding a solicitor that is experienced in child care matters. There is a childrens panel which will only have solicitors that practice in this field. To find a solicitor in your area you can go to the web site this link will enable you to locate a solicitor in your area that is on the childrens panel.


A Parent’s Statement

The present climate for paranoia about child abuse is fostering a situation that promotes social engineering. Natural parents who are not abusive are being deprived of their children simply by virtue of being single or ‘non conventional.’  If any unsubstantiated allegations are drawn up against them they stand to lose their children and the overwhelming powers of Social Services which are not accountable to anyone kick in with disastrous results in terms of psychological harm and serious trauma for those unfortunate children of falsely accused parents…so much for the Government’s recent mantra of “Every Child Matters”.

Unverified accounts of neglect or abuse are used with atrophy by Social Services to the detriment of the life and development of the children who are denied access to history and parental contact.

Social Services at present seem to have so little training or experience that I have little trust in them. Their educational qualifications are negligible, their experience the same and they are taking over the future lives of my two children.

The Domination of the process and the System defy the principles of true justice and the rights of people. This reeks of Nazism and dictatorship – individuals in departments having the power to manipulate and socially engineer young children’s, and their disempowered parent’s, lives.

Financial and social status seems to figure more in Social Services considerations in carers than stability in the childs prospective home. Statistics reveal that whatever the background, more children who are taken into care, result in disaffected young adults, failing in education, relationships and social behaviour.

Being denied contact with family and family relationships is a critical factor in social breakdown. Social Services are active in this, by being crucial in “social engineering” at the present time.


Press Release from The Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services    29th January, 2007


The government is denying that social workers are targeting babies for adoption.  Listening to desperate calls from pregnant women or mothers of new babies and toddlers

on our help-line would quickly show their denials are not true. Health visitors are often instructed to give all parents a “risk rating”, if possible while the child is still in the womb, or soon after the birth – this is done without parents’ knowledge or consent.  The questionnaire used is highly inaccurate as a predictive tool, and has a very high rate of false positives.   Pregnant teenagers, the unemployed, anyone with a history of mental illness, and so on, are on the watch list – supposedly so that they can get extra support, but it is often simply extra surveillance.    Midwives are instructed to report risk factors, and are losing the trust of the women they care for.    


When social workers investigate mothers as a potential risk to their children we see incredibly high stress levels in women who fear losing their babies (even if the fear may not be justified).   Research has shown this high level of stress hormones in the mother’s blood can reduce the baby’s growth as well as causing behavioural problems in childhood.  We also suspect that it is affecting the process of birth in a number of our clients.  For example, delaying birth beyond term.


Expectant mothers who were themselves brought up in care have an increased risk of  social workers taking their babies, without even giving them a chance to show that they can be good parents, and providing them support and help.    The State is, in effect, saying “as your corporate parent we gave you such damaging care that you are unfit ever to be a parent yourself”.


Mothers with a previous history of mental illness (perhaps caused by bereavement or

a damaging relationship), or mothers with postnatal depression (very common) or psychosis also risk losing their children.  The extreme shortage of mother-and-baby psychiatric units where they can safely be together is a scandal; Primary Care Trusts are seldom willing to pay for such care outside their area.    The grapevine in many communities is accurately circulating the risks, so mothers who may need medical care tell us they are concealing mental illness, for fear of their children being taken.  Two academic studies have shown that questionnaires to identify postnatal depression no longer work, because mothers lie.    This is dangerous, since we now know that suicide is the major cause of death associated with childbirth.


Women also tell us they are concealing the fact that their pregnancy resulted from rape, or that they suffer domestic violence, for the same reason.  One man, after beating up his wife, hands her the phone and says “Now call the police – and the social workers will come and take your kids.”  So she stays silent.   Others tell us that social work intervention has resulted in aborting a baby they would have wanted.


Not all attempts to have children adopted succeed, and mothers may have them returned after weeks, or months.  The intense bond fostered by the high levels of oxytocin the mother has from giving birth and breastfeeding has been damaged.   The baby has lost the breast milk which gives life-long health advantages, and contact visits are never frequent enough to breast feed.                


 We are a pressure group with 40 years’ experience in supporting parents with complaints about maternity care.  But since the unprecedented growth in calls about child protection proceedings in the last 9 years or so, we have accompanied clients to meetings and observed social workers’ home visits.  We have been horrified at what we have seen, and equally appalled by the lack of accuracy and bias in many of their reports, and the selectivity of evidence they give to the courts.        

Questions should be asked of the Commission for Social Care Inspection.   In their annual inspections up and down the country they criticise local authorities whose adoption figures are not high enough.   It is the rise in the adoption total that wins Brownie points, NOT a reduction in older children lingering in long term “care” with an unsettled future.  Hence the social work snatching of new born – prime adoption material, which also met the needs of settled, wealthier, older infertile couples. As one client told us, “What they are doing is redistributive eugenics.”  


Perhaps it is time we started measuring and recording the damage caused by ‘child protection’ interventions and doing the kind of cost-benefit analysis which is now required for drugs, surgery and other health interventions?


Beverley Lawrence Beech, Chair AIMS   



Beverley Lawrence Beech Tel: 020 8390 9534  Email

Jean Robinson  Tel:  01865 552276  Email

Association for Improvements in the  Maternity Services, 5 Ann’s Court, Grove Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4BE


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  1. Portia says:

     I know all too well the damage social workers and self professed experts cause.
    In my case I came for help to get away from domestic violence.
    The SS took the bit of self esteem I had left.
    I was a teacher and trained psychologist but I nevr let them know this.
    But I was labelled a witch because of my jewellery and my use of natural remedies.
    The social worker admitted in the end that I did no wrong- but he had to show me he had the power.
    He assured me the judges are mere rubberstamps who never check the paperwork.
    He was so right.
    The SS ordered electric shock treatment because they could not break my sons spirit.
    The trauma has caused him to have a stroke at 22.
    My lawyer walked out and screamed- this is a police state.
    THAT WAS 1994.
    I remained silent due to gagging order- but now children are 18 and FREE.
    I speak so others do not have to suffer like my children and I did.

  2. Guje says:

    Dear All of You.
    Join the “Silent Walk for Justice”
    People are innocently put to jail, while the criminals walk free. Families are fighting for years and years to get crimes that were committed to their loved ones investigated, but in vain. There are victims of crimes that are not compensated and cared for. People are robbed by the council, of the Common Good Land that was donated to them ages ago. There are violence against women and sexual abuse against children, lawyers cheating their clients, authorities withholding information and covering up, and so on. The list could be long and many of you reading this have your own severe cases to add.
    A well functioning justice system is one of the foundations of a human and civilized society, and that is what we want this great country, Scotland, to be. Living in a democracy we also have the right to chose those who are to represent us politically. And we also have the right to express our selves when we are not content with their job or the conditions of society.
    Therefore we are writing this letter to all of you suffering from injustice. Let’s come together and make our voices heard.  We suggest that we make “A Silent Walk For Justice” to show politicians, media and the public of Scotland that we are not satisfied with the current justice system and that we want a change, now.
    Let´s walk the Royal Mile down together from Edinburgh Castle and stop outside the Scottish Parliament. All of us bringing pictures of the ones, or what, we are fighting for and candles to light outside the Parliament in the dark. Let us also put a short text together where we ask for justice for all of us, that we all sign, and hand it over to The Minister of Justice Kenny MacAskill, or who could be willing to meet us outside.
    We want this walk to be absolutely peaceful and silent and let our pictures and candles speak for our mission. Our suggestion is that we make The Silent Walk for Justice one afternoon the first week in December, since we then will be in Scotland for the anniversary of my daughter Annie Borjesson’s suspicious and unsolved death. We will get back with day and time for the Silent Walk for Justice as soon as Mr. MacAskill has replied to what day he can see us.
    Please write to let us know if you will be able to attend or if you have any suggestions about the walk. We also need one man and one woman to speak for us when handing over our request.
    Hope to hear from you all. Remember that one and one we may be weak, but together we will be strong!
    Guje Borgesson and Maria Jansson.


  3. sharron says:


  4. matthew says:

    My partner and I split for no valid reason on 6th of November 2008 the day after my oldest sons birthday. I Currently have 3 children with the same girl and was in a loving relationship for 10 years. Since splitting up I have seen my children for 6 hours (they are Toby 10 months, Alysha 3, and Jay 8) my ex has got everything. I am looking at 6 months in prison for calling to the house where I was living too with his my family, 4 times I went there trying to give my ex money to support herself and my little ones because I love them so much, 160 texts, 4 letters, and finally 11 phone calls all in the space of 3 months.I am in court at :10.00 in abergavenny Monmouthshire. My friends have started groups on face book : an event page: already there are 30 + people attending, plus a petition:<a href="">Online petition – Stop a dad going to prison for trying to see his kids</a> where over 100 people have signed it.Icurrently have turned my facebook and u tube and myspace activist pages and I am trying to get people to hold a non violent legal demonstration for fathers rights. The police have already asked me if this is happening! to which I replied I don\’t know. Please can you advise me on any groups that would like to help or join with this peaceful protest.I miss my children very much and love my ex partner more than anything in the world, Even after all this time I cry night and day and am missing out on the most precise time of there life that I can never replace.yours hopefully a loving dad in pain.Matthew Starmore26/06/79 – 01495 785613Little millmonmouthshiresouth wales

  5. Alison says:

    Yvonnes Story – UK Social Services Tried to Take my Granddaughter – A Families HellBy Teresa | 23rd Mar 2009 | in Forced Adoption StoriesimageYvonne Stewart-Taylors Granddaughter was born in the U.S.A. on 26th May 2002 after her Mother went into premature labour 3.5 months early on a beach in Mexico. Her parents were transported by Air ambulance to University of San Diego hospital where the labour could not be halted. The little one was born by emergency ceaserian section weighing in at just 2lb 6oz. The baby stayed in intensive care for 10 weeks during which time I visited the new family and tried to help support them.She had only a 50% chance of survival. It cost Barclays travel insurance over $1 million for her intensive care. In August 2002 she was flown by Air Ambulance from San Diego to Newcastle Upon Tyne where we were told we would have a problem getting her into the British system because she came into the U.K. without a passport and holds an American Birth certificate only.We were at a loss as to how, at a time of heightened national security, S.A.G.A, working on behalf of Barclays insurance could have managed to bring her into the UK illegally. FromNewcastle she was brought by ambulance to Lancaster Royal Infirmary and later discharged. Finally we had her home. As a caring family we all cared for her and loved her, she was and still is the centre of our Universe.On Jan 03, 2003 she was admitted to hospital with a severe chest infection, remaining there for a few days and then sent home with a broken femur. I asked for a full inquiry into how this could have occurred. A locum pedeatrician at Lancaster diagnosed “Non-accidental Injuries” and Social Services took out an interim care order; accusing the family of child abuse.We asked them to wait until doctors in San Diego could be consulted. We were refused. We endured 8 months of child care proceedings and had to fight the system. When San Diego Doctors finally sent e-mails to her Mother stating she had been born with significant OOP (osteopenia of prematurity); a bone condition which effects premature infants.We had been told that if one of six family members did not admit to hurting her she would be placed for adoption. We were all questioned by police regarding child abuse, including her great grandfather who had lost his wife (my Mother) a few months previously to terminal cancer. Police asked him why he came to visit us so regularly?After 8 months the family court dispersed the child protection case to Australia, where after a few weeks it was disposed of as a waste of their time and resources. We had seen her for only 2 hours per week for 8 months, under social services supervision. Some weeks we didn’t see her at all because social services didn’t have enough staff.We went through hell.Had it not have been for the arrival into the UK, from Australia of her maternal grandmother, social services would have removed her from her birth family -she was still being breast fed at the time, and social services had no mother and child foster provision to place her in. Her Australian granny oversaw her care 24/7 without respite for 8 months; preventing them from being able to take our granddaughter away.We were made to prove our innocence and treated like criminals. The social workers were so set on an agenda of ‘baby for adoption’ that one even changed the wording of the Australian social worker’s report to try and mislead the Court. Pergery of a document admitted to court. Social services went to great length to protect her from the mixed-race paternal family.Later, when we complained, they admitted partially discriminating against us on racial grounds. They were not compliant with The Amended Race Relations Act, and had inadequate policies in place.Our suffering and sense of loss was immense. We had all endured 8 months of hell.We celebrated when the Family Court judge said we could bring her home and her parents could then take her to be with her Australian family. We were sad to see them go but relieved that social services had to let go. She had been neglected by the NHS, we had been falsely accused, and yet she did not become another of the thousands of children who have been wrongly removed from their birth families and illegally adopted in the UK. Our one saving grace was American Doctors’ e-mails and the fact that she is an American Citizen with no claim to British Citizenship until her parents are married, which to date they are not.Had social services placed her for adoption to a UK couple they would have contravened international law.We have exhausted all the complaints procedures only to either be ignored or fobbed off. The NHS were presented with our formal complaint along with the police in December 06 and to date the NHS has not answered our complaint. Social services have refused to answer the Australian complaint and the police have not addressed our concerns either.My Husband who works for Cumbria Constabulary has, twice in the last two years, faced disciplinary action directly associated with this case and could lose his job after 6 months of investigation into his alleged misconduct at work. The authorities are now hell bent on making us criminals.Not one family member has ever been prosecuted or charged with any offense yet we are listed on a secret police intelligence computer as ‘prospective child abusers’.We have requested the removal of our names and been refused. My Son, his daughter and her Mother do not feel safe to return to the UK, as the social worker has said he will get her next time. It has cost us approx £25,000 and the Australian family the loss of their home, business and caused the family unit of 30 years to almost breakdown. We fear that due to the stress of it all her parents relationship will not endure much longer. The good name and character of our families has been tarnished and I can no longer function normally day to day. I lost my jobs, and fear my husband will soon lose his. We will be forced to sell our home and leave the UK in the near future. Institutionally racist Cumbrian Authorities have done us and our granddaughter nothing but harm and they are not even going to be dealt with, for this huge miscarriage of justice.People aware of this case.Tony Blair Prime Minister, Margaret Hodge Minister for Children, John Hemming MP, Beverly Hughes Minister for Children, Tim Collins MP, Tim Farron MP, Chief Constable Baxter (Cumbria Constabulary), Joan Stocker, County Council.Non can intervene in individual cases or right the wrongs of the flawed family courts. The only chance we have of justice, is to go to the European Courts with others who have had their families torn apart.We are fortunate we still have our granddaughter. The sad reality is that the UK child protection racket is nothing more than a liscence for the Family Law Franchises to make money, at tax payers expense and rip innocent families apart for financial gain. Sadly while vital recourses are wasted on innocent families, children who really need protection are being abused. Many thousands of pounds of tax payers money have been wasted on this case to protect what was essentially an illegal immigrant.US congress are also aware of this case involving one of their citizens and we intend to tell this story as widely as we can in three countries in the hope of naming and shaming those who havedeliberately abused us as a family. We want to raise awareness of this case in the hope that it will highlight the abuse of innocent families in the UK by Government Agencies who appear to be a law unto themselves and answerable to none. We believe that this case sets a president as American Dr’s as well as UK Dr’s were involved. If we had relied on UK Doctors we would have certainly lost her to the system. The fact remains that she is not even British.The current system is flawed, open to abuse and damaging or destroying families. How much longer can this continue? Why do social workers have and abuse, so much power?Note. I am not bound by the Court’s gagging orders to be silent as I was never a party to Proceedings. The parents do not have the same freedom I have to speak about this, as they are bound by the courts not to speak about it. I have deliberately concealed names to protect the innocent. I do feel strongly that this case should be made public, especially if it raises the profile enough to force changes to occur in the future and prevent others from enduring what we have been through. No, family should have to suffer as we have done.Incidentally, our family were interviewed re-child abuse by my husbands work colleagues, is it any wonder we are still being looked at and treated like criminals by local police? Policiesand procedures have not been followed by Social Services or the Police.

  6. Alison says:

    This Story below relates to our PAIN CO WORKER

  7. tammy says:

    My name is Tammy and I am actively filing a civil rights law suit in manassas va against the local Deapartment of social services, as they railroaded me and my children and are still harassing my entire family on bogus and fasle accusations that couldnt even be proven in court!! I fund myself in a posistion where I was incarcerated for being inthe wrong place at the wrong time, at the timeof my incarceration my kids were with my mother in pennsyvannia the department of social services became involved through an acquantance of mine that i had meet about 5times in 8 months and at that time the demanded my youngest child age2 remain in manassas and my oldest daughter to reain in maryland with afreind of the family my sons they could have caredless whether anyone took them or if the slept outside. The social worker accused me of sexual abuse and mental and physical abuse but blatenly told me she couldnt prove it that "I KNOW IT TRUE", she placed my youngest daughter against my wishes with one Darcey Montoya in manassas va withot follwing any procedure laid out in the va family law or federal guidelines she never took me to court to legally take my children from me she simply refused me access to them! At this point I had tried to tell her this woman if thats what she could be called had lost all 6 of her own chiuldren in 3 states including va for the very accusations she had made against me in the first place the social worker involved one Tammy DiPalo, refused to listen and neglected to do the required background check on this monster she had placed my 2yr old with. After much arguement and legal foot work it was established my mother had legal custody via power of attorny in virgina during this time and that she could go and pick the baby up, when she got home she checked my daughter for signs of abuse and there were 5 inch bruises on my daughters back buttocks and thighs caused from ms montoya and the departnment of social services in pa and va were contacted both agencies refused to get involved or investigate and let this abuse go unchecked at this point i called and told them she was suffering night terrors awaking screaming "Darcey no i will be a good girl no Darcey" they said my complaint was invalid because they were investigating me!!! After 21 days of my mother having legal custody of my child the social worker did the most dispicable act yet against myself and my family she advised this monster Ms Montoya as to how to obtain illegal custody of my daughter in va. Apparently in va getting custody is as simple as palcing an ad in the paper a local paper at that smaller than that of a lost pet and if no one shows up the child is yours. Ms Montoya did this in va although myself my mother and my child were residents in pa and she lied and illegally gained custoy by giving false info including the fathers name and childs birthdate they granted her custody of my daughter and social services forced us to return this helpless baby to this abusive monster I at that time told them that if one hair on my daughters head was harmed I would be seeking legal action, I had to go through another hearing in order to regain custody at which time the judge claimd va in fact didnot have jurisdiction over my child at the original hearing. But social servicescame right back and claimed two days before my court date they recieved a complaint against my mother for sexual abuse my daughter had to be examined agian for the third time in 6 months for signs of sexual abuse and again passed and they then refered us to the police in pa and va. None of my other children are a thought in this other than to accuse my 4 year old son of the sexual abuse, at this doctors appointment the doctor diagnoised my daughter with post traumatic stress syndrome due to sevre mental and emotional and physiacal abuse by MS mONTOYA BEING AS HOW THE CHILD OPENLY SCREAMED OUT HER NAME AND TOLD THE DOCTOR SHE BEAT HER WITH A METAL SPOON, DRUG HER AROUNG THE HOUSE BY HER HAIR, LOCKED HER IN CLOSETS AND SLAPPED HER IN THE FACE FOR SMILING AND CRYING yet social services told the doctor and myself and family " WE CAN NOT INVESTIGATE HER WE ARE FOCUSING ON YOUR INVESTIGATION" what is wrong with a system that willingly protects an abuser at all costs and is also willing to put a now 3yr old in danger and in harms way to protect themselves rather than admit what they have done is wrong!! I know the only reason thawt my family and myself have been put through all this is because the social worker Tammy DiPalo didnt not like me as aperson!! They are human too and humans make mistakes and cna also just dislke ppl for whatever the reason when i contacted her in febuarary when my daughter was tasken back to montoya i informed her that i had been cleared of the very charges that i was originally locked up for she tod me that would have made a difference in hr judgement and findings in my case how? Just because Im not someone with a record? Thats insane and Iam actively trying to change the custody laws in virgina so no one child could ever be abused and torrmented the way my three year old was in this case!! Anyone who can help is asked to contact me at

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