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  1. Justice says: It is well know that many women lie to the police to prevent or restrict fathers access to their children. The Police and family courts not only turn a blind eye but their acceptance of this practice only encourages women to keep doing it.  Fathers are not guilty by default! They are usually the more level headed parent, willing to put the childs interests first and yet they are criminalised by the false accusations of their ex partners.  It is often the mothers who are breaking the law and putting their childs interests second to their own selfish and vindictive tendancies.
    Please also pass this on to as many people as you can and ask them to sign it too – or if possible add a link to your website.  Help make a change possible – and make a difference to  a childs future. DADDY\’S DREAMThough I’m not there to turn off the light,To tuck you in and kiss you goodnight,To read a book, or get you a drink,It’s you I love, and of you I think.If you were here, I’d give you a squeeze,And ask if you could give me one please.So to the day we’d say our good-byes.As we lay down and close our eyes.– Don Mathis

  2. Unknown says:

    it can also work the other way round!!! i am a woman who had my daugter took off me by her lying father,i am at present trying to maintain regular contact with her.i brought her up on my own for 10 years,she has been with her father for 2 months now..he wount help matters by talking,he wount get caffcass the end of the day,the child becomes the victim! i hope to see her every other weekend…i consider myself "level headed".

  3. Tender says:

    i lost my boy to adoption because social worker thought i was harming my son i knew he was not well i took him to every doctor that would listen. He would not eat or drink if he did he was sick i only founf out he had a genentic condition i was in and out of court fighting for my second little boy it was no use i agreed to my other sick boy to stay in foster care but keep my other son there was nothing wrong with him i am still fighting to clear my name and its hard and i feel alone i am also fighting for my third boy who lives with dad but i have him all week that does not make sence to me. good luck Leigh you will need it

  4. shell says:

    To whom it may concern,Hello my name is Michelle Cornwell, I’m a mother of 3 children but due to the fact social services have lied and made up so many stories about myself and my partner we are being stopped from being parents my son has been sent to live with his father who has not bothered with his son since 2006 when we divorced and somehow is now father of the year! My eldest daughter has gone to live with my mother again this is madness as she stood by whilst I was abused as a kid myself, none of this has been brought up. My young baby girl is still in the care of social services, they have no reason too keep her in care not once I have hurt her in any way shape or form, they have my doctor and hospital records in order too prove this, they have even commented on the loving relationship my partner has got with my children.I’m prevented from going to the press but I need a voice ther are hundreds of parents going through the same or similar ordeals as us all of us are gagged, all of us are dealt within secret family courts, all of us have lost are in the process of losing our beloved children, our system is so desperately wrong and all iv been told is that it’s the only one we have be it its wrong.I will happily have CCTV cameras installed in my house go and do whatever they ask of me but the bottom line is that my baby too them is worth money they want her adopted, they say its in her best interest, this is complete rubbish. They stole her and I fear I will lose her if I do nothing.Please anyway you can offer advice or suggestions will be greatly received.My email is, my mobile 07807660813.Take care Michelle.If i can help mothers like me im more than happy too or shud anyone just want too talk, im here.

  5. kirsty says:

    please can you e-mail me i need to talk to you

  6. jaine says:

    social services are making our lives hell!! they say they are there to protect children but they have caused my daughter more emotional distress in the last 24 hours than she has ever experienced!! we had preveiously had involvment from social services , this is due to my youngest daughters father and the fact he has spent alot of time in prison. i have been assesed by them and they say they have no concerns regarding my parenting and dec 09 they officially withdrew there invovment. we have never been to court, there are no orders in place. initially they were insisting that my daughter only saw her father whilst under their supervsion but there was never any order in place regarding this , we complied as we were lead to believe we had no other choice. we did all that they asked , and as i say they have now officially ceased there inovment. or at least thats what i thought as yesterday 2 officers arrived stating there was a court order in place preventing ANY contact and that i was in breach of that and they were there to act on that. luckily i was able to show them the letter to say social services were no longer inolved and they left but they had been making reference to removing the children all of which was done in the presence of my 10yr old who now will not leave my side as she thinks social workers are going to snatch her away. my daughters father who they have the concerns about was not even there, they insisted on searching the house to make sure! all of this and our situation is no different than when they withdrew in december, he has comitted no further offences and is actually seeing a psycotherapist every week to adress his offending behaviour and other issues resulting from abuse he suffered as a child that the social services ignored and refused to act upon!if anyone could offer and advice i would be extremely grateful , obviously i am going to consult a solicitor and also make an official complaint regarding the inacurate information that was passed to the police and the subsequent distess that it caused. cant help but think it\’ll be ignored though or will just make our situation worse! if you can help in anyway please contact via email at … thanks

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